GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking & Alerts

Track your buses. Share updates with travelers. Generate ETA and punctuality reports. Avoid delays and keep customer informed with GPS tracking and alerts. Know exactly where your buses are, keep check on speed and unregulated halts. Appraise your customer of impending delays or booking point and drop point changes.

Passenger Alerts

The passenger gets real time periodic message about the location, delay or other important information of the bus. Using google maps, they can also track the exact location of the bus throughout the journey.

ETA and ETD and Punctuality Reports

Simple report that let’s your staff track the exact bus location, departure time from previous boarding point and the expected arrival time at the next boarding point. Daily Report that contains the fleet's performance on the previous day. This has actual departure time at the origin city and the actual arrival time at the destination city.

Bus Status Updates

Share Custom SMS updates with travelers about Bus Delays, change in Bus or any other service updates.

Bus Speed & Halt Reports

Generate regular service specific halt reports and keep track of unauthorised or unnecessary stops through halt reports.